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Support, assistance and accommodation for women and children experiencing domestic abuse

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Bradford Women's Aid provides support, assistance and accommodation to women and children experiencing domestic abuse. We are run by women for women.

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Bradford Women's Aid
Bradford Women's Aid was established in 1985 to provide short term refuge accommodation for women and children experiencing domestic abuse. Today we provide of refuge, resettlement and outreach services for around 850 women and children each year. We offer district wide community support services to clients living in their own homes and we also provide accommodation and support services in our Bradford and Keighley refuges including our specialist BME refuge in Bradford. All of our services are staffed by trained, experienced support workers who provide client led support to meet the individual needs of women and children.

Our specialist services include Asian staff who provide language and cultural support for women from Bradford's local South Asian community. We are also developing services which support Eastern European and LGBT women and their children and our DARE2 Team provide a specialist Family Support service which supports our community based clients and their children.

Our Vision:
Is to be recognised as a leading organisation supporting and enabling women and children experiencing domestic abuse.

Is to contribute to the eradication of abuse toward women and children.

We have a feminist ethos: Domestic abuse is a violation of women and their children’s human rights. It is the result of an abuse of power and control, and is rooted in the historical status and inequality of women in society.

We are committed to Equality, Diversity and Fair Access: We are committed to striving for fair access, diversity and inclusion in the provision of our services.

We have compassion and respect: We have compassion and respect for all those that we come into contact with.

We are client led: We ensure that our services are relevant and meet the needs expressed by our clients with whom we regularly consult.

We are ethical: BWA work ethically and where we are able to, use companies with ethical policies. We also work within our environmental policy.

We provide a quality service: We strive to continually improve and to meet the requirements of quality assurance initiatives such as the Women's Aid Standards and the Bradford Quality Assurance Framework.

We aim to empower: We empower our clients to develop in confidence, self-esteem, and move on from the effects of abuse to become independent.

We have professional integrity: We behave professionally and with integrity at all times.

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